Is Soursop / Graviola / Cherimoya Good For You?

Health Benefits of Cherimoya

‘There’s been discussion about the fruit’s ability to manufacture GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid ), a neurochemical in the brain sometimes known as “the euphoric amino acid” because of its calming and headache pain-easing effects. Many people have been known to enjoy the fruit for that reason as well as for the flavor.’

Have you seen the claim that the soursop fruit from the graviola tree is a 10,000 times stronger killer of #cancer than #chemotherapy?

The truth is that this fruit may actually have serious cancer-fighting properties! But it is important that we separate the myths from the realities.

Studies Done on Cherimoya

Used in traditional Mexican medicine for its anxiety-relieving, anticonvulsant, and tranquilizing properties, cherimoya was studied for possible development of medicine for depressive disorder. Repeated test treatments of cherimoya in a lab setting produced antidepressant-like effects in mice. It was strongly suggested by scientists that it be used in that capacity as an antidepressant agent.1

There is some controversy regarding the use of cherimoya as a cancer cure. In one study, for instance, researchers found extracts to have cytotoxic potential in cultured cancer cells. But another study found certain annona cultivars to induce Parkinson’s disease-like symptoms, ostensibly due to the phytochemical annonacin content. 2 However, possible pesticide, herbicide and fungicide use on the fruit has entered the discussion as well.

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