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Navigating technology today can be incredibly time-consuming and full of unknown dangers.  Trūɪsts.ōrg is committed to help by sharing the latest news & techniques to survive and thrive, not only in the real world, but also the digital one.

Here are a few resources we hope you’ll find helpful, as we have:

Install the free Opera desktop web browser on your computer…

How to secure your browser in 10 minutes for free (and why you urgently need to)

Note: While Opera is bundled with a free VPN service, it is now owned by Symantec, and their privacy policy is very concerning.

For more info on this, see: How FREE VPNs Sell Your Data

To Make DuckDuckGo the default search engine in Opera:

  1. Select Opera > Preferences (on Mac) or Opera > Options (on Windows)
  2. Under Search click the drop down and select DuckDuckGo

Note: Unlike Chrome, Opera makes it easy to search with the engine of your choosing, simply by right-clicking on any page and choosing “Search with >” and choosing the browser of your choice (you can customize the options available from this list in the search preferences (see directly above)

Finally, we recommend that you install this free add-on to make the Opera Desktop browser compatible with nearly every Chrome extension

Recommended Opera tweak: Go to settings, and under Advanced > User interface > choose “Scroll on active tab on tab clicked.”

While there are definitely better VPNs available, none give you as much for free as the Opera VPN (standalone) app for iOS & Android

There are a multitude of free messaging apps to choose from, but none are as universally recommended by privacy experts (such as Edward Snowden) as:
Open Whisper Systems’ free end-end-encrypted messaging desktop & mobile app called “Signal”

Concerned about what information Google records? Here’s how to delete Google searches & other activity from your account

If you care about privacy you’ll want to review Spread Privacy’s guide, “How to Set Up Your Devices for Privacy Protection”

Microsoft Windows

How to turn off Cortana and stop personal data gathering in Windows 10…

Windows 10 Records Every Key You Press by Default—Here’s How to Disable:

For the latest free privacy news, visit:

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