Is Avocado Good For You?

Is Avocado Good For You?

  • Eating avocados may help protect your heart and optimize cholesterol levels. They are rich in healthy fats that your body can easily use for energy.
  • Besides containing high amounts of fiber, protein and healthy fats, avocados contain high amounts of several essential vitamins and minerals, including B vitamins, potassium, folate and vitamin K.
  • Avocados are extremely versatile, whether they’re used as a base for guacamole, sliced in salads or chopped up and added to scrambled eggs.

‘If you don’t get any other concept about how avocados can literally change your health, this might move you: The high fat content in avocados is a good thing — it’s not “bad” fat. In fact, it’s good, necessary fat from oleic acid, which is the same monosaturated fatty acid contained in olive oil.

Oleic acid is associated with decreased inflammation, which helps stave off such diseases as cancer.

Further, neither avocados nor avocado oil are hydrogenated or loaded with trans fats or other unhealthy oxidized fats like most canola, safflower, corn or other vegetable oils you’re urged to cook with may be. Avocado oil can even be drizzled over salads and used in recipes calling for other oils.

Avocado oil also has a relatively high smoke point compared to olive oil, making it a better choice for cooking,8 although coconut oil is best for that purpose.

While some people remain concerned that eating high-fat foods like avocados may adversely affect their cholesterol levels, the opposite is actually true (plus, cholesterol is not the evil it’s made out to be).

According to the review, people who eat avocados have higher levels of beneficial HDL cholesterol than those who do not. Eating avocados may also lower triglyceride levels compared to eating high-carb diets or diets without avocado…’

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Is Okra Good For My Blood Type?

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A Secretor:  NEUTRAL
A Non Secretor:  NEUTRAL

Introductory Food: Type A children should have this solid food introduced at between 7 and 9 months of age. (Eat Right 4 Your Baby)

B Secretor:  AVOID: Contains lectin or other agglutinin.
B Non Secretor:  AVOID: Contains lectin or other agglutinin.

AB Secretor:  AVOID: Contains lectin or other agglutinin.
AB Non Secretor:  AVOID: Contains lectin or other agglutinin.

O Secretor:  AVOID
O Non Secretor:  BENEFICIAL

  •  This food can be a significant source of folate (92.85 mcgs per 1 cup.)
  •  This food can be a significant source of potassium (898.5 mgs per 1 cup.)
PESTICIDES This food is considered to be low in pesticides. (Source: Environmental Defense Network) 
ALLERGENS  This food is believed to be high in the enzyme chitinase. Chitinase enzymes, related to plant defense, are involved in cross-reaction between food allergy and natural rubber latex allergy. 

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