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Architectural Revival

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A loophole allows NSA's unrestrained spying on US citizens

‘By using a “traffic shaping” technique, the #NSA sidestepped legal restrictions imposed by lawmakers and the #surveillance courts.’..

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Researchers can now desalinate seawater with the power of the Sun

“You don’t need a steady supply of hot #water, just #sunlight. And since you don’t need a bunch of #energy to #heat water, the #power requirements..

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How Stupid Is Our Obsession With Lawns? - Freakonomics

“Are the cost [of #lawns]—#financial, #environmental and otherwise—worth the benefits?”

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Opinion | The Upside of Bad Genes

‘There are bound to be other cases like these, in which #genes deemed harmful can aid survival or at least cause less damage in other surroundings…

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